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Kolem Jaa'

As a result of its natural environment, as part of our facilities we count with cascades, natural and sulfuric water streams that form natural pools, and High Perennifolia jungle areas. All these together with the irregular formation of its terrain, generated an unbeatable location for the establishment of safe and adequate infrastructure that allows us to perform Adventure activities such as: mountain cycling, interpretative trailing, photographic safari, “tirolesa”, Canopy, rappel, “Pista Comando”, and “espeleismo”.


It is a tour through the trees of the neotropical forest, also known as Median High Jungle – High Perennifolia, unique in Mexico, dominated by trees of the family Brosimum Alicastrum. The tour occurs at a height of 30 meters (90 ft. approx.) and contains 10 stops for observation of the rich flora and fauna. The guides accompany visitors at all times and help with stopping along the stations of the tout, which finishes with a small descent from a 10 meter (30 ft. approx.) tall cedar tree Cedrela Odorata. The last tout through the Canopy is a super “tirolesa” of more than 150 meters (450 ft. approx.) of length.
The Canopy has a total length of 480 meters (1440 ft. approx.).


•Safety equipment: Every guest receives a helmet, Black Deamon hip harnesses, Black Deamon chest harness, Pezzel “mosquetones”, Simond aluminum “Perlones Ochos” for rappelling, safety “estrobos” (stainless steel), “carnaza” gloves, and a stainless steel pulley with a capacity of a ton.

•Recommendation: tennis shoes, jeans or short pants, light T-shirt.

•Capacity of the Canopy: Maximum 15 people every 3 hours.

•Duration time of the Canopy tour: From 2:30 to 3:00 hours.


• Children younger than 12.
• Nervous people.
• Adults older than 65.
• People with overweight (greater than 120 kilograms (240 lb. approx.)).
• People that do not follow the aforementioned recommendations.
• People that are not wearing proper shoes or are not wearing shoes at all.


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Mérida, Yucatán, México.
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EcoTurismo Yucatan excels in introducing you to the ancient land of the Maya.

Our multilingual expert leaders interpret the Mayan history, architecture, culture and ecology for you. During our tours you will see the relationship of the ancient culture with the present culture and ecology.

Maya Culture Today
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"Maya Culture Today" by Bruce Love, Ph.D. is a book mainly for the discerning tourist in Yucatan.

The author, an anthropologist who has first hand experience living with today's Maya people in their communities, gives us a first hand account of their customs and daily lives.
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